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DBA-130 Pallet Strapping Machine

Features & Specification

This semiautomatic Pallet Strapper is the latest automatic strapping equipment developed by our company specially for handling large-sized stackplate wrapped articles. This product features stable performance, a high efficiency and energy conservation capability, a strong construction,excellent durability, etc.;


Shortcomings associated with packing large-sized stack-plate wrapped articles, such as low speed in bundling, poor effect in bundling, etc., Can be overcome by using this machine. The machine can effectively increase both the efficiency and effect in packing cargo. Stack-plates can be transported inan easier and safer manneronce they are packed with the machine. The machine can be widely used in many fields including production,trade,business,etc.;

DBA-130 Pallet Strapping Machine


DimensionW1872 x D550 x H1536mm when sword is down
Power1Phase,110V/230V,50/60Hz to be specified
StrapPolypropylene or Polyester to be specified
Strap width9,10,12,12.7,15,16mm to be specified
Strap Dispenser200~280mm to be specified
Electric Consumption0.5KVA
Sealing Point542mm H.Height from floor
Min.Package Height550mm H. Height from floor